They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations

Ashley - May 21, 2023

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Mickey Rourke is a former boxer and American actor known for his roles in dramas and thrillers like, “The Wrestler.” Most of the celebrities who have spent big money on plastic surgery are female, but Rourke is here to prove that men are willing to put significant money into altering their appearance too! He openly spoke about the nose job he received, even posting photos on social media after the procedure with his face swollen and covered in gauze. He’s also undergone multiple facelifts throughout his career, though the 70-year-old actor doesn’t look as though he’s had any work done for quite some time!

Mickey Rourke easily spent over $36,000 throughout his career on facelifts and the nose job.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Kaley Cuoco

Best known for her hilarious role in the hit sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” Kaley Cuoco is an American actress with several major projects under her belt. She’s been a television star since the 1990s, and while her looks haven’t changed dramatically over the decades, some noticeable differences have been pointed out. Cuoco admitted to having a nose and breast job done and actually took it a step further by saying her breast augmentation was the best thing she’d ever done! Congrats to Cuoco for living her best life and loving it.

Depending on where she received her surgeries, Cuoco could’ve spent anywhere from $5,000-$20,000 for these procedures.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Michael Jackson is easily the most recognizable example of the dramatic transformations plastic surgeries are capable of. The King of Pop began dabbling in plastic surgery at a young age, and it appeared to turn into an obsession that he continued to pursue for his entire life. The most obvious and somewhat chilling change is to his skin color, which can be partially attributed to his vitiligo diagnosis. Aside from that, Jackson underwent several facial surgeries, including nose jobs, cheek fillers, chin sculpting, and more.

Experts estimate Michael Jackson spent around $1 million on various cosmetic procedures.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Bristol Palin

The “Dancing With The Stars” celebrity Bristol Palin had an interesting experience with plastic surgery that set her apart from the other celebs on this list. Palin admitted to going under the knife, but she insists the procedure was medically necessary corrective jaw surgery. It’s possible she had other work done, but the dramatic change to her jawline changes the entire contour of her face! Palin looks amazing post-op, and she appears pleased with the results of the procedure.

The corrective jaw surgery cost Palin around $10,000.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Nadya Suleman, better known for her media-appointed nickname “Octomom,” gained international attention in 2009 when she gave birth to the first surviving set of octuplets. Suleman began IVF treatments in 1997 and had several successful pregnancies before using IVF treatments again to become pregnant with octuplets. The doctor who approved transferring this excessive number of fetuses to her womb lost his medical license in 2011. After gaining media attention, Suleman had several procedures done, including lip injections, nose jobs, and vaginal rejuvenation.

Octomom has spent roughly $13,000 on her cosmetic surgeries.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Ariel Winter

Most of the female celebrities on our list used cosmetic surgery to increase the size of their breasts, but Ariel Winter did the exact opposite. The famous “Modern Family” star experienced back pain and unwanted attention due to her F-sized bust and decided enough was enough. She received a breast reduction surgery in 2016, and maintains that it was one of the best decisions she ever made. Not only did it reduce her physical pain, but it also helped to increase her confidence.

A breast reduction surgery would have cost Ariel around $6,000.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Best known for her roles in the hit tv series “Beverly Hills” and the movie franchise “Scary Movie,” Tori Spelling is a much-loved American actress. Unlike many actresses on this list, Spelling has never shied away from discussing the cosmetic surgery she’s had performed. Spelling has been particularly vocal about the drawbacks her breast augmentation caused because it prevented her from successfully breastfeeding her children. Spelling says she might not have gone through with the procedure had she know about that potential outcome.

Tori Spelling has spent an estimated $13,000 on plastic surgery.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Farrah Abraham

The reality TV star is best known for her appearances on “16 and Pregnant” and its spin-off “Teen Mom.” Farrah Abraham underwent a dramatic transformation that involved a nose job, a chin implant, and three breast augmentations before she was even 21! That’s a lot of work to get done so young, and the results are honestly shocking. She looks like a completely different person today and is nearly unrecognizable to fans of her original self from “16 and Pregnant.”

Farrah Abraham has spent around $20,000 dollars for her various procedures.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Who remembers Pamela Anderson from her role in “Baywatch?” The Canadian-American actress became very popular through that role and other ventures, including her appearances in Playboy Magazine. As Anderson aged and had a more difficult time securing roles, she decided the best way to stay in the limelight was through plastic surgery. She had multiple facial tightening procedures done, along with a very impressive breast augmentation. The surgeries did help her retain a more youthful appearance, but they cost her big!

Pamela Anderson has reportedly spent around $11,000 on cosmetic surgeries.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn Lowry is another reality tv star who rose to fame through her appearances on “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom.” Lowry struggled with her body image, especially after having a child so young, and turned to plastic surgery to help her feel more confident. Lowry had liposuction and a Brazilian Butt Lift, which transformed her appearance and gave her the confidence she’d been searching for. She also had a large mole on her face removed to boost her confidence.

All the procedures would have cost Kailyn Lowry around $12,000.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Philanthropist, former fashion model, and star of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” Denise Richards turned to plastic surgery when she was only 19 years old. The young woman wanted to alter her appearance with a breast augmentation, but she had to repeat the procedure a second time to get the effect she’d been hoping for. Fans also believe she’s had some minor facial work done, like Botox and an eyebrow lift.

Aside from the nose job, Denise Richards hasn’t confirmed receiving any other cosmetic surgeries. She probably spent around $10,000 for the breast procedures and the possible facial work.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Ashley Tisdale

The “High School Musical” star admitted to having a small amount of plastic surgery done, but like a couple of other celebs on this list, she claims it was medically necessary. Tisdale had a nose job done to correct a deviated septum, and the result is stunning. The nose job changed the shape of her face, giving her a more mature and stylish look.

The nose job would have cost Ashley Tisdale around $4,000-$8,000.

They did what?! Craziest Celeb Transformations
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Anyone who remembers growing up in the 1990s will recognize Kelly Rowland from the hit group “Destiny’s Child.” Like most young women in the spotlight, Rowland struggled with her self-image. She wanted to get a breast augmentation when she was only 18 years old but was talked out of the procedure by her mother and Beyoncé. However, the desire to enhance her appearance never disappeared, and Rowland finally got her breasts done ten years later.

Kelly Rowland spent around $22,000 on breast augmentation and other cosmetic procedures like Botox.