The Lesser-Known Lives of ‘Eight Is Enough’ Actors

Chuvic - July 26, 2023

The Lesser-Known Lives of ‘Eight Is Enough’ Actors
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The Real-Life Inspiration Behind Eight Is Enough

Like many beloved shows, Eight Is Enough drew inspiration from real-life events. The series was actually based on the autobiography “Eight Is Enough: A Father’s Memoir of Life with His Extra-Large Family,” written by Tom Braden. After serving in World War II, Braden became a columnist and even worked for the CIA in Europe for a period. When he passed away, the New York Times paid tribute with an obituary titled, “Tom Braden, Who Fathered ‘Eight Is Enough,’ Dies at 92.” The show’s storyline resonated with viewers as it mirrored the ups and downs of a large, loving family – a reflection of Braden’s own experiences.